Servitengasse 1938
The Fate of Those Who Disappeared

A Memorial Project by the Citizens of Vienna’s 9th District

The Project
This initiative seeks to trace the fate of the Jewish people who once lived in one st reet – Servitengasse – before being driven from their ho mes, deported or murdered. In launching this project, we want to recall those people, bring them to mind and create a visual symbol in their memory, thus restoring their rightful place in our district’s life and history.

About Us
The Servitengasse 1938 Project involves people - most of whom live in the 9th District - who feel it is important to rediscover the fate of their vanished neighbours and restore their dignity, place and
standing in their former neighbourhood, their district and in society. The project’s members have diverse professional skills and backgrounds; several of them have already worked on similar

What We Want to Discover
What happened to our fellow Jewish citizens during the Nazi regime? What fate be fell those citizens in whose apartments, houses and district we now live? Who were they? Did they have children, grandchildren? Did they manage to escape? Were they able to flee the Naziterror? Or were they incarce rated and brutally slaughtered in concentration camps? Were there any survivors?

Why Servitengasse?
Servitengasse is representative of many st reets in the 9th District ; in 1938, before the Nazis seized power, it was not unusual to find that more than half the residents in such streets were Jewish. But
then, overnight, once-friendly neighbours suddenly became enemies as they systematically began to exclude Jews from commercial and social life. Theft, eviction and relocation to Sammelwohnungen (collective apartments used to ho use large numbers of Jews after they had been evicted from their homes), deportation and the desperate st ruggle to seek asyl um in exile are all characteristic of these people’s lives at that time in the history of Servitengasse.

Some Servitengasse residents have already begun to search for their vanished neighbours. In cooperation with another organization, Agenda 21 am Alsergrund, our initiative has expanded to encompass the entire street.

And what will we do with the results?
We will present the results of our research and investigations to the public and publish them in a scholarly work, presenting these individuals’ fate, based on files and other documents. Interviews, photographs and letters written by survivors and their descendants will add to the authenticity of the sources.

We also plan a publicmemorial - a symbol of recognition - to restore these Jewish people’s place in society. We hope to create a stimulating dialogue with the current Servitengasse residents with the intention of coming to terms with our own history on many levels. Schools, institutes of further education and other organizations in the 9th District will also be integrated into the work of investigation and discovery.

Contact Us
If you have any information you can provide to help us in our work, if you wish to contribute in another way, or if you simply want to know more about our project, please contact

Project »Servitengasse 1938«
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